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These bars pack a big punch when it comes to fragrance. Simply snap off a square and pop it into your wax warmer to enjoy. They are a great way to fill your room with flameless fragrance and you can mix and match to create your own unique blends. Color enhanced with ethically sourced mica powder, no dyes!

Note: wax tarts may have frosting and slight discoloration. This is a natural and expected occurrence with 100% soy wax products.

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Customer Reviews

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Jill Jones

I ordered a half dozen melters to test before committing to candles. I LOVE these. The scents are strong, but not overpowering. They’re clean and crips and identifiable. I am really happy with this purchase and will be taking the plunge to candle-dom. Shipped super quickly too.


Perfectly sized, smells amazing and so relaxing! It's like being in a luxurious bath at an expensive resort on some forested tropical island.

Emily P
Will be buying again!

The scent of the wax tart snap bars far surpassed any wax melt that I've used in the past. They weren't overpowering but they were strong enough to permeate the whole room and they lasted long enough to be remelted and enjoyed a few times over. Well worth the price especially when you put into perspective the time and care that is put into the product. Which is why I will definitely be buying again in the future not only for myself but as gifts for friends. Thank you for dedicating your time and energy into making such a wonderful product and I look forward to your stores future growth.

Melissa Thompson

bought these for my husband's wax tart melt for his office and he loves them!

Need more!

Omg I am itching for more! My friend and I bought one bar from you at the farmers market at bixby park! We can’t stop texting! I put one square in the wax warmer and had it lit for 2hrs! I could still smell it the next day through out my whole apartment! I have three big pups and one has terrible allergies, so her skin blesses my furniture with a lovely funk! Please please stock up on other scents, I will be the next to clean you out! Promises!